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So, you want Cosmo?


If there are any issues submitting the form please email us directly at

Cosmo is one impressive cougar! You want entertainment and excitement at your event? Cosmo can help!

Cosmo's Abilities include:

  • Tricking/Parkour
  • Tumbling/Acrobatics
  • Break Dancing and Hip Hop

Also, check out Cosmo's Dunk Team!

No wonder ESPN has dubbed Cosmo as: "The most athletic mascot in college basketball"

​Cosmo constantly is trying to out perform the competition and he will show up in style. With his own sweet ride - The Cosmobile - you can hear him coming from miles away pumping music to get the party started. Have a specific sports preference? He does them all! Cosmo changes uniforms to represent the sports you love.

Cosmo's Uniforms:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Gymnastics
  • Track and more!

"Cosmo the Cougar is in a league of its own." - USA Today

Cosmo attends hundreds of events a year and every one of them is unique thanks to you!

- School Assemblies (K-12) - Grand Openings & Promotions - Special Deliveries & Surprise Visits - Weddings & Receptions - Special Needs Events & Charities - Parades & Fairs - Commercials - Birthday Parties - Local BYU Sporting Events & More!

Book Cosmo
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  • Cosmo the Cougar appearances vary in price and duration depending on the type and location of your event.
  • Off-Campus events start around $300-500/hr or prorated for 15 minute min plus additional 5 min increments, additional mileage fee beyond 15 miles of campus(Ask about school discounts)
  • BYU sanctioned On-Campus events, local schools and charities have a special rate. Please email for more information.
  • Filming or Photo shoots start at $500 - $1000/hr.
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Cosmo is one busy Cougar! Many of his appearances are scheduled to be at BYU sporting events and promotions. With that said, requesting an appearance from Cosmo will need to be planned in advance and can not be at the same time as a BYU sporting event.

When requesting an appearance:

  • Know the date and time of event in advance
  • Describe the event in detail on the Request Form
  • Make accommodations for Cosmo
  • Prepare for the unexpected

We will do our best to fulfill your request!


Submitting this form does not mean that Cosmo is scheduled for your event. Cosmo’s Coordinator will contact you to make final arrangements. Please give at least 2 weeks notice before your event date. Exceptions can be made. There is an appearance fee. General Fees are $250-500/hr. and does not include mileage fees beyond 15 miles of campus. On top of cost, you are required to provide for Cosmo a place to change and water for Cosmo to drink. The nature of being a mascot can be hazardous to the performer and Cosmo may require a 10 min break per half hour if workload is strenuous or in the sun. This time is included in the time allotment of the appearance. All said, we would like to be at your event and love to help you have a successful event. We are happy to work with what ever wants you may have as long as they are in accordance with BYU standards and does not put anyone in harms way at your event. For more details and specific questions, please email