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Cosmo's Crew will continue anther day. Please check back. Thank you!
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Looking forward to another great year of football.  GO COUGS!
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What is Cosmo's Crew?

Cosmo's Crew gets you and your kids closer to the action! Enjoy a more cost efficient way for your family to attend BYU sporting events!

For only $50 per membership, your kid can be a part of a greater crew!

This membership is open for kids ages 2-17 and is a unique opportunity that BYU Athletics is proud to support. Not only does this membership include 4 tickets to select football games and 4 tickets to select basketball games, it comes with a customized Crew T-shirt that lets kids into other BYU sporting events for FREE such as: women's basketball, women's soccer, gymnastics, men's and women's volleyball, baseball and softball!

***All of these offers are available until supplies run out.

Cosmo Crew FAQ

Registeration for the 2019-2020 season of Cosmo's Crew has stopped. Please check back another day. Thank you!

Cosmo's Kids Club was a program organized to allow a more cost-efficient way for families to attend BYU sporting events. It was founded in the 1990's by Duff Tittle, Brett Eden, Mike Deaver, Mary Carpenter and MANY others. and has since continued to bring families out of the house and into the action of BYU Athletics. Cosmo's Kids Club was originally available for kids ages 2-12, but due to a recent age change, Cosmo's Kids Club has been rebranded to Cosmo's Crew, allowing kids ages 2-17 to join! We are excited to open the Crew to a larger audience of kids who are obsessed with BYU sporting events, BYU athletes and Cosmo!

Membership Fee

Only $50 per kid
*Kids Ages 2-17

Sign up Now!

Cosmo's Crew will continue another day. Please check back another day. Thank you!

2019-2020 Cosmo's Crew T-Shirt

Don't miss out on this year's Cougar swag!

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Pick Up Info

Upon purchasing or renewing your Cosmo Crew Membership, follow the instructions below for tickets and t-shirt pick-up.​

2019-2020 Cosmo's Crew Pick Up:

  • You will choose your football games, basketball games and t-shirt sizes ONLINE when you register for Cosmo's Crew. Ticket selection can be altered at pick ups.
  • Provo: Tickets and T-shirt(s) pick-up will be open at the Smith Field-House Ticket Office on the following dates from 5pm to 7pm:

August 28
September 4
September 11
October 2
October 16
October 30

  • Salt Lake (Scheels): No longer available
  • Game Day Pick-Ups

During Cougar Canyon Cosmo's Crew will have a tent on the west side of Canyon Road near the ticket office. Come there anytime starting 3 hours before kickoff and ending 30 minutes before kickoff to pick up your basketball tickets, your football tickets and T-shirt(s). These two games are the last available pick-up options.


You must arrive at the football pregame pickup at least 30 minutes before kickoff. They take down the Cosmo's Crew both 30 minutes before the game starts and we will not be able to assist you if you arrive after that time.

You don't not need a ticket to enter Cougar Canyon. Admission to cougar canyon is free to all, however each person 2yrs old or older will need a ticket to enter the stadium.

If you ordered a Becoming Cosmo picture book when you registered for Cosmo's Crew, please inform one of the people at pickup and we will give you your signed copy.

There is no need to email in or otherwise specify which basketball game you would like, we have plenty of tickets for each of the games listed above, and you can specify which game you would like when you pick them up.

You can split up your tickets anyway you like between the four games, as long as the total number of tickets is constant. For example if you sign up 3 kids for Cosmo's Crew you will receive 12 tickets to football and 12 to basketball. You can get 6 tickets to one game and 6 to another, 3 tickets to each of the 4 games, or any other combination you can think of.

If you have questions or if you are not receiving emails, contact: or (801) 422-7613