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Cosmo's Crew

All New Cosmo's Crew is coming your way. Stay tuned for new updates. Coming September 1, 2023

What is Cosmo's Crew?

Cosmo's Crew gets you and your kids closer to the action! Enjoy a more cost-efficient way for your whole family to attend BYU sporting events! This program is open for kids ages 2-17 and is a unique opportunity that BYU Athletics is proud to support.

Follow Cosmo's Crew on Social Media:

Following Cosmo's Crew on Instagram is the best way to stay up to date with Cosmo Crew events, updates and more. There will also be periodic contests, giveaways, and fun activities for kids of all ages, so be sure to check back frequently!

Cosmo's Crew memberships include:

  • Unique and exclusive T-shirt
  • Free access to regular season games of women's Basketball, women's Soccer, men's and women's Volleyball, Gymnastics, Baseball, Softball, and more. (Cosmo's Crew shirt must be worn for free entry, general admission seats. Parents and non-crew-member children must pay for attendance)
  • Entry into a Cosmo experience event either before, during or after a sporting event. See Instagram @byucosmocrew or Facebook @BYUCosmoCrew for updates on these events. These Cosmo events will include exclusive time for your kids to interact with athletes and Cosmo at the venues where the games take place!
  • Discounted Football and men's Basketball tickets available for purchase only to Cosmo's Crew members. (depending on availability and while supplies last)

Here is the 2022-2023 T-shirt design

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Registration for the 2022-2023 season of Cosmo's Crew is now closed.

Cosmo’s Crew Events:

Each of the monthly events will be posted here upon finalization. More information will be posted on Instagram and Facebook @BYUCosmoCrew.

A tentative schedule can be seen below:

  • September 17: After the Women’s Volleyball game, join Cosmo in the SFH for a stadium slide, pictures, and volleyball contests.
  • October 15: During halftime of the Soccer game, join Cosmo on the field for a goal shooting contest, races, and a group picture.
  • November 26: After a Women’s Basketball game, join Cosmo and athletes on the court to shoot hoops and take pictures on the historic Marriott Center court.
  • January:
  • February 24 versus Utah State: At the conclusion of the Gymnastics meet, join Cosmo for a group photo and games on the floor.
  • March 10th versus Ohio State: After a Men’s Volleyball game, join Cosmo in the SFH for a stadium slide and pictures.
  • April 17 versus Stanford: Following a Softball game, play kickball with Cosmo and other BYU athletes and take pictures.
  • May 18 versus Pepperdine: After a Baseball game, tee up and hit a home run with Cosmo. Pictures and autographs to follow.

2022-2023 Football Ticket Availability:


2022-2023 Men's Basketball Ticket Availability


Shipping Details:

Once you’ve registered with Cosmo's Crew, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your purchase. The Cosmo's Crew t-shirt will come through the mail. Please ensure that you type your shipping address correctly to avoid missing packages.

Tickets purchased for Cosmo's Crew will be available for pickup immediately before the game, follow Cosmo's Crew social medias for day-of information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does what’s included in Cosmo’s Crew change each year?

A: Cosmo’s Crew is changed as often as necessary to give it’s members the most that Cosmo has to offer. That changes based on game tickets sales, corporate sponsorships, the ticket office, and decisions made by the BYU athletic administration team. What stays consistent is Cosmo’s desire for as many people, especially kids, to come to every game of every sport as often as possible. We hope that Cosmo’s Crew is a way for families to do just that as inexpensively as possible.

Q: How do I pick up my t-shirts and tickets?

A: Upon purchasing or renewing your Cosmo Crew Membership, all t-shirts will be mailed to the address you provided. Please make sure your address is correct! Purchase your membership early in the season to ensure that you get your shirts in time. If you purchase football and basketball tickets, information will be emailed and posted on our socials about where and when to pick those up on gameday.

Q: What are Cosmo's Crew social media handles?

A: Cosmo's Crew can be found on Instagram @byucosmocrew and on Facebook @BYUCosmoCrew

Q: Can I switch tickets if I want to go to a different game?

A: We are unable to return or exchange tickets once they have been purchased.

Q: What is Cougar Canyon?

A: Cougar Canyon is a pre-football-game party directly west of Lavell Edwards stadium. Ticket pick ups for football games occur during cougar canyon, please check social media for day of information about location of our booth. Admission to cougar canyon is free to all, however, each person older than 1 will need a ticket to enter the stadium.

Q: How do I get basketball tickets?

A: Depending on when the basketball schedule is released, Cosmo's Crew memberships may go on sale before then. If Cosmo's Crew is given tickets to sell, information about the games and number of tickets available will be posted on Cosmo Crew social media.

Q: Can I split up my tickets between multiple games?

A: No you can not split up your tickets. Each Cosmo's crew member that purchases tickets must pick only one game.

Q: What if I need additional tickets?

A: You are welcome to purchase another membership at the same time. Tickets will come in groups of 4. We cannot sell single tickets.

Q. how do I get multiple memberships to have seats next to each other?

A. Memberships bought at the same time, going to the same address, will have adjoining seats whenever possible. It is impossible for us to guarantee that seats will be adjoining, but we will do our very best to make sure that happens.

Q. Is registration through America First Credit Union still an option?

A. We are grateful for their support in the past but they are no longer offering this as an option.

Q. Do I have to choose what game to attend when I purchase tickets? or Can I choose them later?

A. You must choose what game you are purchasing tickets to when you purchase them.

Other questions can be directed to

Contact Information:

Have questions? Please refer to our FAQ's below or on social media, or contact

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History of Cosmo's Crew

Cosmo's Kids Club was originally organized to allow a more cost-efficient way for families to attend BYU sporting events. It was founded in the 1990s by Duff Tittle, Brett Eden, Mike Deaver, Mary Carpenter, and many others. Cosmo Kid's Club, now Cosmo's Crew, continues to bring families out of the house and closer to the action of BYU Athletics. We are excited to open the Crew to a larger audience of kids who love BYU sporting events, BYU athletes, and Cosmo!